About Us

Manufacturing of Underwear

ERGO has become in 20 Years the preference in manufacturing on Seamless Textiles, Lingerie, Underwear, sportswear, menstrual underwear and reusable pads sanitary.
It owes this success to the development and exploitation of an innovative technology as well as to its creativity with the widest range of slimming, firming, anti-cellulite, anti-odor, waterproof, absorbent and technical yarns.

Our ranges of products are: Legging, Shorty, Panties, bustier, Top, Corsair, menstrual underwear.
We make your products in full compliance with the sending of prototypes for approval before production.
We realize your personalized products with packaging for a ready-to-sell delivery between 3 to 4 weeks.
Our production lines are flexible and can adapt to your various requirements.
All the materials that make up our products are Oeko-tex and organic GOTS certified.
Each material is specially made to order and are 100% made in Turkey.

General view of our production Line

Oeko-Tex Manufacturer
Gots Manufacturer
Recucled standart manufacturer