About Us

ERGO Became In 15 Years Preference In Manufacturing And Supplier On Seamless Textiles With Cosmetotextiles Technology.

It owes this success to the development and exploitation of an innovative technology as well as to its creativity in the development of the widest range of product slimming, firming, sheathing, anti-cellulite, massaging.

Our expertise

  • Encapsulation ( Micro Capsules )

The needs of consumers and their demands and expectations of a healthier and more comfortable life are greater every day, even with regard to clothing. Today, textiles can be treated to protect all types of adverse conditions while being comfortable.

Microencapsulations are a way to apply different finishes and properties to textiles. Microencapsulation technologies offer many opportunities to improve the properties of textiles or to give them new functions.

ERGO offers you the opportunity to executed your products with this technology and given a functionality, be it cooling, Anticellulite, Firming, Slimming, Anti-wrinkle, Aloe Vera, Anti-Bacterial and many others.

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Technical Yarns 

  • EMANA ®: 

Emana® yarns incorporate an exclusive moisturizing treatment that helps eliminate cellulite and orange peel. Its secret lies in its special fiber with ceramic crystals that offers thermoregulation and micro-circulation of blood when in contact with the skin. Emana will help you eliminate cellulite without effort.

The content of the jade fibers facilitates thermogenesis and gives a cooling effect to the product door.


Germanium (GE) Health Fiber improves the metabolic process, and reduces fatigue for those who have a large workload.

ERGO offers you the opportunity to executed your textile products with these technologies !

For more yarns information : info@ergoteks.fr